Our Twenty-First Century Enemy

Our world faces many challenges, without a doubt. It’s plagued by violence and fear and worry in all shapes and sizes. We are well aware of countries that face poverty and hunger. We seek peace among countries that are waging war against each other. All of these issues are very evident in the news and we hear about them constantly.

For first world countries especially, we’ve developed a new challenge. It’s a problem that plagues the vast majority, but is not well-publicized. I definitely battle with it, and chances are you do too. We created this thing called the internet, and while it’s fine in moderation (and for writing blogs 🙂 ), it has begun to take over many of our lives.

The issue is that constantly being on our phones or captivated by screens has become the norm. Many of us suffer from the addiction and might not even be aware of it. Too easily, it can suck valuable, nonrenewable time from us. Are we really going to be glad that we spent hours scrolling through Twitter when all is said and done? Probably not. But it’s so hard to fight this enemy.

My generation and younger generations have this new beast to tackle, which older generations might not understand. It definitely doesn’t help that a vast majority of our schoolwork is now online, making the temptation to wander to other sites and procrastinate stronger. It doesn’t help that more and more jobs use the internet as a necessity.

The social media that we’re using to connect to others is also the same thing that makes us envy and feel isolated from others. More times than not, we scroll through negativity, which truly affects our daily life and our outlook.

Maybe this thought process will help those of you suffering, like it has for me:

You deserve to experience more than pictures of others through a screen. Live and breathe beside them. You deserve to keep some secrecy to your existence, instead of sharing it all with 700 Facebook friends. You deserve to experience that beautiful view or hear that wonderful tune without feeling the need to capture it online. Sometimes it’s better to let memories remain just that.

These devices are sucking valuable memories and people from our lives. This past year, I spent more time trying to reconnect with faraway friends than trying to connect with the people at my fingertips. While it’s okay to check up on relationships that are more distant, we need to take advantage of the people around us now. As a Christian, I know these are the people God has placed in my life and I know he has good reason for that timing.

Let’s break away from the norm. Let’s live our lives more fully, limiting our time online. Don’t let this enemy win the fight.


Here’s a great song to complete my message:



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