A Talk About Faith: Why do I Believe?

I am a Christian. That means I believe in one God, who created this earth and everything in it. I believe that God sent Jesus to Earth as a baby. I believe Jesus died for all of the sins of the world and rose again three days later. I believe Jesus will come back one day and I believe that there is an afterlife, in either Heaven or Hell. I believe everything else written in the Bible.

But why do I believe all of this? For those of you who are Christians, this is something we need to be prepared to answer. But more importantly, this is something we should be willing to share with anyone and everyone, especially non-Christian friends and family. For non-Christians, this is something I hope you’ll take the time to read, because this is the most important thing in my life.  

Before I begin, I need you to understand this is not me trying to convince anyone of anything. I just want to share what I’ve come to believe through my own life and be honest with you, by sharing my personal thoughts.

I know there are plenty of people who think it’s ludicrous. That’s completely understandable, because for a human mind, many concepts in the Bible are hard to grasp or believe. But initially, I’d like to remind you it’s called “faith” for a reason. It’s not easy. It means choosing faith over doubt (although doubt will still certainly plague our minds). It means you’re not always going to have all the answers. It means you’re not always going to understand everything that happens in the world or your life. We can’t, because we’re only human. But we can trust in God and know that his plan is better than ours could ever be. If it was easy, we’d all believe right? But God hasn’t made it easy, because he wants us to make our own choice. No one can force you to believe, and God certainly wouldn’t want to. That’s all up to you. But you’re always welcome, no matter how broken or unwanted you think you are.

For me personally, I don’t think we were created for this world. We have this sense of right and wrong within us, but what’s the point of that? Why do we feel ashamed of anything? If this life really doesn’t matter, why should we feel contrition for anything we do? Humans constantly have a hunger for something more, something better. We try to use so many things to satisfy ourselves—sex, drugs, alcohol, relationships, sports, school, entertainment… But at the end of the day we’re still left with discontentment. Why? I think because we yearn for something more than anything this world has to offer us. We can never be content with the finite, because we were created for the infinite.

We constantly have this hope that everything will be worth it. We want to be loved and accepted. We want our struggles to have a happy ending. I think that’s because we are searching for God and Heaven.

I’ve also experienced inexpressible emotion through Christ-related things. God stirs up emotions in me that I can’t find anywhere else. Not through people, not through music, not through writing, not even through my dog (I know, it’s hard to believe). I wish I could put it into words better, but I honestly can’t. It happens at times when I read a verse that hits home, or I’m in a room of hundreds of kids worshiping, or I’m seeing my friend change their life before my eyes, or I’m watching people give their lives to Christ for the first time.

There are so many other things I want to say, but the main thing is God has changed my life and I want you to know that.

God is offering you a chance at eternal life, without pain and suffering. Jesus didn’t just die for humanity, but he died for you specifically. He took the pain for all the sin and wrongdoings you have, are, and will commit because he loves you. We don’t deserve this love, but he constantly gives it to us anyway. Even though we sin and even though we ignore God and some will reject him, he still looks at each one of us and says YOU are worth it.

I know you may not be like me. I know you might disagree with me. But I wanted to share all of this with you, because you deserve to hear it. You deserve to know that you have an opportunity to commit your life to a God that will never let you go. You deserve this opportunity, whether you choose to accept it or not. You deserve an eternity of peace.

Thanks for listening, it means the world.



One thought on “A Talk About Faith: Why do I Believe?

  1. Well said Annah… I have always loved the description of faith as “being the unseen expectation of the truth”… While we differ a bit in our expectations of the future we share the same love.. We share a loving God and his son… and even more … we share hope and purpose…

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