A Brief Thought

So I went through a rough year and a half. I learned what it is like to fail and battle with my inner demons, as dramatic as that sounds. Satan is real and present in my life. I’ve learned how evil of an enemy I can be to myself. But I’ve also learned how loving God has been through it all.

Now I’m in a different period. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is.

I’m still trying to search for God’s voice, but it’s not as hard to hear. I had a hunch this year would be better than last year and God has blessed me with that. But also God has been showing me that His plan trumps mine every single time.

I had a vision of what friends I would grow with this year–He pulled me to different people. I had an idea of how I would do in my classes–it’s not what I expected. The doubts plaguing my faith are being touched upon and calmed by Him day after day.

“He whispered to assure me–I’ve found Thee, Thou art Mine.”

This period of my life is called reassurance.



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