The Women of Music

When I think of my role models, I’m struck by a realization. 99% of my role models are men.

I’m talking people who are in the spotlight (in this case just music). People who aren’t your family or friends. My greatest inspirations that are known by an abnormal amount of people (maybe “famous” you’d say) are Jon Foreman, Tyler Joseph, and Matt Thiessen. They create music, and more importantly, string together words that have power. Words that hold weight. They make people think.

When I think of popular female musicians, my mind lands on Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc… I think about what they sing in their songs and it’s all similar. I think about what they wear and it’s all similar.

When I think of female solo musicians, what is conveyed to me through the media and their music and their clothing is a weird standard. There’s a standard that they need to be sensual, and whether they mean to or not their bodies are constantly being emphasized. Some of them for the purpose of confidence, yet the way they go about it rubs me the wrong way.

I’m disappointed that this is everyone’s general view of female musicians. That to be in the spotlight for longer than a couple weeks you have to look and dress a certain way. There’s no variety. There’s no lyrically profound songs. It’s all either about love, revenge, or sadness.

I’ve heard enough about relationships and heartbreak. What I’m hearing is that all these women have learned in their lives is how to have a boyfriend? How to look cool and confident in front of other people? I know for a fact they know so much more. I want to hear something unique, something that will catch people off guard!

If you have the opportunity for thousands of people to hear you, don’t you want to make them think? Tell them what you know to be true? Music is a creative outlet, something where voices can be expressed. Everyone has a unique voice, yet I’m not hearing much variety.

I don’t hate any of these ladies. I know they work very hard at what they do and they have a passion for it. I just wish they would break out of this weird mold that has surrounded female musicians. All I see right now is a box. I know they’re capable of going beyond what they’ve been doing and I just wish someone would step up and write something that will stop everyone in their tracks. Say what everyone else has been afraid to say.



2 thoughts on “The Women of Music

  1. Agreed. As a woman in music, I have to actively search out women who are making a difference. Kathleen Edwards, Jill Hennessey, Amanda Palmer, Feist, Karen O, Cat Power, and Shakira (especially if you pay attention to her Spanish records and her early albums. Fascinating influences and talent). It’s a struggle, but I always strive to go for what I believe in, not what pain the media tries to inflict on us. We need to stand strong, and have incredible inner fortitude as women musicians to withstand the idiocy. But it’s worth it. Totally.

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